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Waterleaf at Cold Springs

MidSouth Franklin TN and Partners completes $4.750M sale of 17.78 acres in Multi-Family in Huntsville, AL to Graycliff Partners.

HUNTSVILLE, AL March 3, 2022 / MidSouth Franklin TN LLC - MidSouth Franklin announced today the successful closing with Graycliff Partners of Greenville, SC of 17.78 acres of multi-family land in the Chase Creek Valley / Trailhead District of Huntsville, AL. Located right off Highway 72 East, just 10 minutes from downtown Huntsville. The vision for Waterleaf will feature 312 units with state-of-the-art amenities, an abundance of outdoor recreation and a prime location.

About MidSouth Franklin TN: MidSouth Franklin TN is a dynamic land development company committed to bringing landowners and developers together to create legacy, purpose and maximized value. Our passion is creating vibrant communities that stand the test of time. Land. People. Community. Together for better tomorrows.

About Graycliff Partners: Graycliff represents a dynamic and data-driven strategic real estate investment firm. Their impressive track record includes accomplishments such as successfully completing real estate investments totaling $2.24 billion, raising a substantial $519 million in equity, and expertly managing 11,900 units distributed across 61 historic properties. Their successful journey is attributed to core practices such as fostering alignment of interest, strategically selecting optimal deals, precise targeted location identification, leveraging Graycliff's core competencies, and nurturing valuable strategic partnerships.


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