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Meet Our Team

MidSouth has established a trusted team of consultants. Their level of detail and speed of service strengthens all aspects of our business model. 

Jeffrey Tallman
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"Conductor" & Co-Founder

Jeff brings a unique approach to the role of land development. Creating relationship to set the bar: know, like, and trust. Borne of 37 years of viewing land from the lens of the end user. Look first at the market, capture a vision for highest and best use, prepare all actions based on the end user - then match that to exceptional profitability for all stakeholders. Maintain integrity grounded in core values and personal character; creating relationships that last a lifetime.

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Paul Van Hoesen
Capital Formation, Corporate Affairs & Compliance

Paul brings decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur across a wide spectrum of fields including real estate, economic and community development, healthcare, and technology.  Paul is responsible for capital formation, investor relations, corporate affairs, and entitlement compliance. Paul is a nine year active duty USA Army veteran. 

Greg La Marca
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Co-Developer & President of Alliance Development Services

Greg is Alliance’s President/CEO and generally handles acquisitions for the Company. Greg has spent 36 years in residential construction, brokerage, investment, and development, being involved in virtually every phase of the residential building and development process, including project management and acquisitions. Greg is currently responsible for the overall management of Alliance Development Services, Inc. (ADS).

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Edward Smith
Entitlement Manager

Eddie brings more than 16+ years of experience in project development and investment. He has successfully delivered high profile residential projects both in the UK and USA. He recently delivered a new single family residential subdivision representing over $27 million investment in the Nashville area. He is a qualified accountant and has a degree from Bayes Business School.

Kori Yancey
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Business Development Director

With over 20 years of relationship and sales development in Real Estate, Healthcare and Senior living Kori brings a passion for sharing a story of community. She has been at the top of the Senior living industry, behavioral health and substance abuse and knows how to evoke passion in others for a project. She brings a unique mix of knowing how to present a story, and being a proactive, energetic sales and marketing professional with the ability to achieve and maintain goals.  Generates results through excellent market planning, development of referral sources, and building into community. 

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Tracee Padilla
Business Administrator, Marketing & Bookkeeping

Creative and versatile, Tracee brings over 25 years of experience working in the areas of Management, Safety & Compliance, Human Resources/Accounting and Marketing in the fields of Medical, Staffing, Law, and Fortune 500 Safety Corporations. 

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