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Here at MidSouth, we adopt a meticulous approach. Our philosophy asserts that genuine land enhancement necessitates more than a superficial glance – it demands a focused examination, a thorough understanding of the entire ecosystem. Our assessment of properties goes beyond the surface, encompassing every facet of the terrain and the intricate interplay of the neighboring community. In this holistic process, we transform mere land into a vibrant, meaningful sense of place.

Current and Past Projects

We are currently working on projects located in Hampton Cove - Huntsville, AL area and Athens, AL. More details comings soon.

Huntsville, AL

Why Huntsville?

Huntsville, Alabama, has knocked Boulder, Colorado off the top slot in the US News & World Report's top places to live rankings which now ranks Huntsville as the #1 best place to live in the US. Home to about 200,000 people, Huntsville scored highly for its housing affordability and quality of life. 

~N Travel by Hayley Skirt

Image by Alex Robinson

It's in Alabama

As early as 2014, Jeff Tallman discovered Huntsville. The response from both equity and debt was, "Huntsville? Why Huntsville?"

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Something Special

What we discovered over 9 years ago many have now discovered that there is something special about Huntsville. The metro area has the most educated population in the state thanks to the presence of NASA and the U.S. Army Redstone Arsenal. It also has a number of other cultural attractions ranging from the Alabama Constitution Hall Park and the North Alabaman Railroad Museum, to name a few.

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With the outbreak of construction taking place all over Huntsville means more shopping, dining and multifamily and single family options available. And with the warm climate most of the year makes outdoor events plentiful.


The Big Picture 

"We are committed to smart growth for Huntsville. The Big Picture Masterplan will help us achieve the kind of growth that will make our community stronger for decades to come."

~Mayor Tommy Battle

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