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Rovena at Martinson Ranch

Introducing Rovena at Martinson Ranch, a project that's not just about development, but about creating a genuine sense of place for the thriving community of Huntsville. Martinson Ranch is a tribute to the original owners, the Martinson family. Their visionary father first conceived of a mixed-use development at this very location two decades ago, and now, McKinley Homes' recent purchase of this sprawling 89.25 acres in June 2023 will bring this into fruition. 

This expansive and picturesque piece of land, situated just off Highway 72 East, a mere 12 minutes from downtown Huntsville, and its promising plans for commercial and park areas, make it the cornerstone of Chase Valley's development. The ambitious aspirations for Martinson Ranch include construction of 324 Units 3-Story Walk-Up, 229 2-Story Detached Build-to-Rent, 115 3-Story Townhomes, 121 2-Story Townhomes, 7.45 Acres of Retail, and 2-Story Single Family homes. This mixed-use space will encompass an array of offerings, including retail, commercial, office spaces, and hotel facilities.

This project embodies the Huntsville community to creating not just a development, but a vibrant community that honors the history of the Martinson Family and potential of this exceptional land for generations to come. 

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