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Waterleaf at Cold Springs

With great excitement, we officially passed the baton to our esteemed alliance developer and owner, Graycliff Partners, in March 2022. This marks a significant milestone for our vision for the 17.78 acres nestled along Highway 72 in beautiful Huntsville, AL.

Waterleaf at Cold Springs project encompasses a grand vision, featuring 329 Units thoughtfully distributed across 14 buildings, with each building housing 24 Units. These 3-story walk-up garden-style residences are designed not just for living but for fostering a strong sense of community with state-of-the art amenities. 

Furthermore, our endeavor here at MidSouth includes a distinctive retail facet coming soon, spanning across 4.5 acres, thoughtfully curated in partnership with JPG Partners. This addition is set to bring vibrancy and convenience to our community, making it a truly exceptional place to live, work, and thrive. 

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